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Update - 5/2/00

With the sudden death of our son, Benjamin John, on April 26, 2000, I'm having to rethink his website.  I want to continue to be able to offer hope to others facing the HLHS journey, even though our sweet Benny died.  The doctors believe Ben died due to a blood clot found stuck in his aorta, which apparently cut of the food supply through the coronary arteries to his heart.  We don't have final results yet, but we are hoping it was caused by a fungus that was found in his lungs.  Everyone is devastated, including his doctors.  We were told this is extremely rare.  Once Ben got past his first six months and three surgeries, our cardiologist told us he really thought Ben would make it.  So, for those parents out there facing HLHS, please don't give up.  Give your children the chance to fight this fight.  Even in the depths of our sorrow, we can honestly say we'd do it all over again simply to have the precious time we had with Ben.  He was more precious than one can imagine, and to him, we will always be thankful.

Please sign our guestbook if you get a chance.  Not only do all of your well wishes provide us great comfort, but we are also printing all of your notes out to keep in Ben's memory book.  Thank you.