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Faith Evalyn Rose Sennett

05/30/99 - 07/17/99

Congenital Heart Defect

Mathias Lefebvre

06/06/97 - 02/11/99

Unexplained Sudden Death

Benjamin Christopher Ratcliffe Goldie

04/29/99 - 06/22/99

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

The joy of your presence still lights up our lives, and we miss you more than words can say. We will see you again one day. All our love, Mummy and Daddy

Christopher Faller

05/07/90 - 08/08/97

Viral complications after successful piggyback heart transplant

Our bravest boy...forever in our hearts.


Once only, with one hand,

Your mother in farewell

Touched you. I cannot tell,

I cannot understand

A thing so dark and deep,

So physical a loss:

One touch, and that was all

She had of you to keep.


Eight lines from "Pieta", James McAuley Collected Poems.


Spencer Cole Smith

02/21/00 - 3/3/00


Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Be sure to take care of our dog Buddy, Spencer.  He likes to play catch with the ball.  Love, your little cousins, Janey & Belle


Devon Ray Coon

03/23/97 - 03/24/97

Congenital Heart Defect 


Always on my mind...forever in my heart.

Carson "Whit" Cullum

05/26/94 - 05/27/94

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome




Kaelyn Rebekah Garza

11/21/97 - 04/08/98

DiGeorge Syndrome



He was the light of his mommy's life and touched many lives in the 31 days he was on this earth.

Chancellor Nicolas Middleton

5/15/99 - 6/15/99

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (cause of death, brain injury due to blood infection following corrective surgery)


Chance would have been one year old on 5/15/2000.  He probably would have been playing basketball or, if mommy had any say, football. He also had the longest fingers, so maybe he would have liked playing the piano.


Sarah Franklin

01/07/97 - 05/04/99

Tetrology of Fallot

Hi Sarah bear! We love you so much and are

so thankful for you...We are so blessed to have you...and are so thankful

that we know you are alive in Heaven.......We miss you here but we know

Heaven must be amazing.  Hold on to these balloons until we can hold on to each other again.


All our love, Mommy, Daddy, Kady-bo and Hannah (twin sister to Sarah)