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wpe34.jpg (1833 bytes)    7/4/99 - 16 Months Old

Benjamin is doing absolutely wonderful so far this summer.  He is just getting over having thrush and strep throat and scaring his mom and dad for about five days, but overall, he's been doing great since his last hospitalization in February.

Ben now weighs about 20lbs. and finally made it onto the growth chart at the 8th percentile.  He had been running about 5% below the growth chart for his age, so this was quite a cause for celebration.

Ben is in physical therapy once a week.  He cruises freely around furniture and is becoming quite the climber!  He will stand up from his little stool and take 2-3 steps to our arms, but that's about his limit right now.  His vocabulary consists of dada, mama (rarely), car...which he uses for Connor, Nicole and CAR, his favorite toy!   He also says many other sounds, but nothing that is real clear.  He had a speech evaluation in April, but was told he's doing exactly what he should for his age, so we do not need speech therapy at this time.  They will recheck at 18 months.

We took our first real family vacation this summer, venturing to Denver (from Minneapolis).  We hit seven states in 10 days and are glad it is over.  Although we went up into the Rocky Mountain National Forest, we did not take Benjamin along, due to the altitude.  His oxygen sats have been running around 79-80% the last month or so, so we didn't want to risk having these drop any further.

For now, we do not have to go back to the cardiologist until September.  At that time, they will probably do an echo of Ben's heart to see how it is functioning.   Sometime (probably within the next year), we will probably be facing another heart cath and then the fontan.  For now, however, we focus on today and all the joy our little guy is bringing to our lives!