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First birthday pictures!!

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What a miracle! Benjamin celebrated his first birthday with about 60 guests on March 7th! Helping celebrate were clowns, face painters, a caricature artist and our special guest....Winnie the Pooh!!

Ben had been hit hard by the flu bug, which had required him to be hospitalized for four days at the end of February, but by the following week, he was beginning to feel a little better, just in time for his party.

Ben is doing absolutely wonderful right now. He is 31" tall (80%) and 18lbs. 2 oz (-5%), so he's quite a string bean. His huge cheeks make up about 1/2 of his body weight, too!! He's doing great, and we are looking forward to a MUCH more peaceful second year. Our next cardiology appointment is in May.


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Benjamin had not been feeling well, although he timidly dug into his cake!

Ben's personal little "block" cake.

Our "thank you" cake for all the wonderful people who have helped Ben and our family get where we are today.

Three of Ben's   primary nurses from Children's Hospital came to the party, making it extra, extra special! Thanks, Jeanne, Peggy and Kathy!!